Thursday, Sept. 29th

We finished off “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, and read “The Pardoner’s Tale” as well.

The PILGRIMS Quiz will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 4th.

Your Hamlet letter is due on Oct. 6th

The Chaucer Assignment is due on Oct. 11th.  For this, you have the option of :

  1.  Creating a “relic” from the pilgrimmage AND writing a 10 line heroic couplet explaining how you obtained the “relic”.


2.  Writing an essay of 500-600 words on one of the following topics.  Use ONLY the text as your source.

a.  What does The Canterbury Tales reveal about CRIME in  Medieval England.

b.  What does The Canterbury Tales reveal about the  ECONOMY in Medieval England.

c.  What does The Canterbury Tales reveal about the CHURCH in Medieval England.

d.  What does The Canterbury Tales reveal about the  GENDER ROLES in Medieval England.

e.  How does the tale told by a pilgrim match the description of the pilgrim in “The Prologue?”

There is one last option about which I shall tell you on Tuesday.



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Tuesday, Sept. 27th

We read and discussed “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales from the Franklin to the Reeve.  We also heard the “Wife of Bath’s Tale,” and “The Miller’s Tale.”  We have two more pilgrims to go!

The QUIZ will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 4th.


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Thursday, Sept. 22nd

We continued reading and discussing “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, getting as far as the Franklin.  We also went over SCANSION today.


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Tuesday, Sept. 20th

After finishing our discussion on “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” we watched a couple of “Horrible History” clips on the Medieval Period, and transitioned to an introduction to Geoffrey Chaucer.  We started reading “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, and got as far as the Squire.  You will be taking notes on these pilgrims as we go, and there will be a quiz on these pilgrims sometime next week when we finish the prologue.

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Friday, Sept. 16th

Today we explored the Medieval Period with a “blancmange” tasting and an introduction to the various kings and their stories.  We talked about the crusades, the 100 Years War, and the War of the Roses , and the subsequent popularity of knights featured in ROMANCES.

We read “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (90) and will finish discussing it next class.

If you have not done so already, please post your contribution to the ANGLO-SAXON Bulletin Board.  Label your posting with your name so that I can give credit to you.


Now that assignments are starting to roll in, please check the list on the following link to make sure that you have completed all your assignments.  (Scroll down to your name; if the list is empty, everything is fine!)


Have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, Sept. 14th

We finished off the ANGLO-SAXON Period with clips from a video on Beowulf, a brief talk about Alfred the Great, Alcuin of York, Cnut, Leofric and Lady Godiva.

To sum up this period, please search for and post something you find about the ANGLO-SAXON PERIOD on the digital bulletin board.


You may have to request an invitation to it first…

We looked at some Medieval art and listened to some music to get a sense of the Medieval Period.  We shall carry on with this next class.

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Monday, Sept. 12th

We finished reading and discussing the excerpts from Beowulf today.  If you were absent, please read the excerpts from Beowulf found in the text and get notes from someone who was here.  I collected the Anglo-Saxon verse you wrote, to which you added 3 adjectives to describe the Anglo-Saxons based on our reading.  You should have matched each of these adjectives to a line from the poem.

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Thursday, Sept. 8th

After the introduction to the course in general, we time travelled back to the ANGLO-SAXON period.  We are currently reading and discussing Beowulf and shall continue with this text next class.

Please write a short example of ANGLO-SAXON verse about something you did over the summer.  Include a KENNING and a CAESURA, and don’t be afraid to boast and hyperbolize. Note that there is a glossary at the back of your text for the literary terms we discuss.

It was lovely to meet you all today!

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