Tuesday, Nov. 1st

We read, discussed, watched, and took notes on I.iii. – I.v.42 today.

For homework, please write an official PERFORMANCE JOURNAL ENTRY on I.iii..

  1.  Re-read I.iii. to determine your OWN reading of the scene.  Determine who Ophelia, Laertes, and Polonius are as characters, what their motivations are in this scene, and how you think the lines should be delivered.
  2. Consider Almereyda and Branagh’s interpretations of I.iii. . What are the differences between their interpretations in terms of casting, delivery of lines, actions, and set design.
  3. What themes/ motifs are emphasized in each production?  With what decisions do you agree/disagree?

Please write a composition of approximately 400-500 words on this.  Please double space and write in ink.  (You may type it, but still double space it and use at least 12 point font).

I will collect this on Thursday.



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