Friday, Nov. 18th

We watched the third version of III.iv. directed by Gregory Doran today, so you are now ready to write your third PERFORMANCE JOURNAL on III.iv..  This time, award the “Academy Award” for acting to the best actor playing Hamlet, the best actress playing Gertrude, and the interpretation award to the best director.  This journal is due on Monday, Nov. 28th as part of Term Two.

After getting to IV.iii., we started working on the “APPEARANCES VERSUS REALTY” skit featuring any two characters from Hamlet in an imaginary scene.  The dialogue can be in modern English.  The two actors present a facade of politeness and geniality, while the “text messaged” though bubbles reveal their true thoughts and feelings.  You will have 15 minutes to prepare at the beginning of class before presenting your scenes.  I recommend that you pre-write and screen capture your “text conversation” and present these as “photos”.  If you were away and this does not make sense, come and talk to me.

20 marks:

  • shows contrast between appearance and reality
  • demonstrates effective use of language
  • demonstrates creativity
  • shows an understanding of the characters, their situations, and their motivations
  • presented in an engaging manner


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